Life on Purpose

100 Sandoval St, Santa Fe, NM 87501

Friday April 26th, 6:30 – 8:30 PM

This delightful documentary explores the mindset of individuals and their unique perspectives on their respective life journeys while following their passions and living their life’s purpose. Watch and be inspired to follow your own passions and live your Life on Purpose.

Life on Purpose is a documentary about people pursuing and living their passions. The film inspires people to stretch, persevere, overcome, and ultimately achieve their dreams and goals, and enjoy the process along the way.

The film is comprised of a series of interviews with people in various fields, including: art, business, writing, acting, film, education, etc. who have faced and overcome the many obstacles and challenges that arise when following one’s passions.

The film is comprised of intertwining interviews of eleven people including: Julia Cameron, author of The Artist’s Way and other books, Jo Edna Boldin, award- winning casting director, Andy Burns, artist, Angela Montano, spiritual counselor and prayer coach, Faith Rosetta, principal of the Santa Fe Indian School, Patrick Fabian, actor (Better Call Saul), and others who are pursuing and living their passions.

Life on Purpose is a very uplifting and moving film that inspires viewers to reconnect with their passions and purpose, learn to view setbacks as blessings or opportunities for growth, and generally embrace their joy.

We can all use a bit of inspiration when pursing our dreams and goals, and Life on Purpose truly enlivens and inspires.


Bridget Thomas grew up in Santa Fe, New Mexico. As a child, she ran around the plaza, splashed in the Santa Fe River, and appreciated the art and architecture of the city.

As Runner Up in the George RR Martin Sci-fi/Fantasy Screenwriting Grant Competition in 2018, Bridget excitedly shared the stage and talked with GRRM at the Jean Cocteau Theater. As she had worked at the Jean Cocteau in high school, it felt very gratifying to be the runner-up for this particular award.

Always a cinephile, she worked at The Esquire Landmark Theater in college and worked for several years in the film industry in LA.

After graduating from the University of Colorado, Bridget lived primarily in Japan and California, but came home to the City Different as often as possible to visit her family and enjoy her beloved hometown.

In 2004, Bridget returned full-time to the beautiful, funky Land of Enchantment where she now lives with her family in Santa Fe.

She is an actor, filmmaker, writer, producer, RN, and certified life coach. One of her highest purposes is to help people discover the truth about themselves: that they are unique, lovable, loving beings divinely created to live their highest purpose and to potentially use the challenges they have faced and overcome in life to help others.

To live, ever informed and guided by the Divine, her passions and purpose and help others live theirs is one of her deepest desires. Film has been one of her great passions since childhood, and this past summer, she finished a long-held goal of making her first feature film.

Life on Purpose is about finding and living one’s purpose, turning setbacks into blessings, and finding and honoring one’s passions. This film has been an inspiration to everyone who worked on it and to those who see it. We hope Life on Purpose touches and inspires you as well.


Bridget Thomas


Bridget Thomas


Bridget Thomas


Julia Cameron, Patrick Fabian, Faith Rosetta, Jo Edna Boldin, Mandy Fabian, Sheila Head, Judith Hoag, Ian Shorr, Angela Montano, Jennifer Dickens, Andrew Burns

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