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Linda Troeller is an art documentarian who is known for creating sensual images inside sublime water environments that were inspired by her childhood exposure to the healing powers of water. In this biographical film, we discover the intimate relationships between water, the female gaze, and a resident artist from the Hotel Chelsea. Healing Waters explores Linda’s work with key figures in the art industry who examine her as a valued contributor to the first generation feminists movement.

This film depicts the journey of a world-renowned artist from conception to discovery and the manifestation of major works of art that have had a profound influence on social ideologies concerning water and healing around the world. Linda Troeller has lived for over two decades in the Hotel Chelsea in New York City. Her work has appeared extensively in galleries and in print. In Healing Waters, we will discover how she found success as an artist and come to understand the journey she has undertaken – a journey that continues today.



I am a film producer, director, cinematographer, and sometimes writer.

I have a lifelong addiction to cameras, stories, and pizza. I am also known to go to unbelievable lengths to find a great cup of coffee.

I am known for creating powerful interviews that go really, really deep into storytelling and creative excellence in my cinematography. I am the founder of Kaifilms a boutique film production company.

My first achievement in film production was documenting 9/11 in NYC, which lead to 10 feature and 4 Emmy credits. Currently, I have several films in production and 2 pilots.

Ali Scattergood is a documentary filmmaker and photographer. With experience in filmmaking and photography projects around the world, Ali has worked both on the post and production teams with a number of renowned filmmakers and shows including Ken Burns and the team at Florentine Films, Nomadica Films, A&E Network, Netflix, Hulu, Nat Geo Wild, and Discovery.

Currently, Ali has two projects she’s Directing; Climate Diaries, a short documentary series on the Climate Crisis and Healing Waters, a feature documentary on the life and work of renowned photographer Linda Troeller. Both are set to be in the festival circuit for 2022/2023 rounds.


Derek E Johnson, Ali Scattergood


Derek E Johnson, Ali Scattergood


Derek E Johnson


Linda Troeller

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