Man of Joy

In denial about his divorce, a man wanders through Brooklyn searching for solace in the company of anyone he can find.

Directed by – Jordan Kenneth Kamp and Rob Johnson

The film that you see today is the result of years of rumination, self- reflection, and growth. A self-funded, micro-budget passion project. We are extremely proud of our work and beyond excited to share it with you.

Our co-writer, co-director and Director of Photography, Rob Johnson is a festival alum.

Rob was the Director of Photography for The Hard Up, a self-described “South Western” film which was an official selection in this year’s festival.

The film won the Spotlight on New Mexico Filmmaker Award, awarded to writer/director Tamir Rawlings.

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Jordan Kenneth Kamp, Rob Johnson


Jordan Kenneth Kamp, Rob Johnson


Jordan Kenneth Kamp, Rob Johnson

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