The Martini Shot

463 PASEO DE PERALTA, Santa Fe NM, 87504

Sunday, April 28th at 8:00 PM

Closing night ends with this postmodern existential drama follows Steve, an ailing movie director, as he begins to shoot what he believes to be his final work of art. Inspired by his belief that he is the only real element in his universe, Steve’s extreme commitment to realism blurs the boundaries between fiction and reality. What begins as a film celebrating his life develops into a fascinating exploration of mortality and one’s profound effect on the world.


Stephen Wallis is one of Canada’s most respected screenwriters. An award-winning director and writer, he’s becoming one of the country’s most sought-after artists. Widely praised for comedy films, he has two dramas due for release in 2019. Stephen has worked as both director and writer on most of his projects to date. He has been selected to write the adaptation to Oscar Winning screenwriter Robert E Sherwood’s long-lost play, ‘Small War on Murray Hill’. He also wrote and directed Burt Reynolds final film ‘Defining Moments’. Along with ‘Defining Moments’ he has directed the Jason London and Shawn Robert’s’ film ‘Afterwards’, the Mickey Rooney film ‘A Christmas Too Many’ and the Peter O’Toole Executive Produced drama ‘The Performance’.



Stephen Wallis


Stephen Wallis


Stephen Wallis, Russ De Jong


Matthew Modine, Derek Jacobi, John Cleese, Stuart Townsend, Fiona Glascott, Morgana Robinson, Jason London,

Year Released:







   If this is not an award-winning movie, then I know nothing at all about humor or movies, and you can hold me to that. No matter. I so enjoyed this movie. It’s funny, but not merely as escapism. There are questions about life and death. The philosophy of being, or not. Things that have been on my mind lately. To posit these questions is good for all of us.

   This movie did a wonderful job. I’m not sure exactly what the job was, but I surely loved every minute of it. The acting was superb. And a director as the all-powerful himself? Of course. Bringing dead actors back to life to act again? Is that a poke at AI, or a plug for it? This is a  movie without plot. It’s about everything, and with a wry sense of humor. So fun.

Terry Mulcahy

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