Mister Johnson

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In 1913, novelist, Joyce Cary, went to Nigeria to join the British colonial civil service. Bruce Beresford, in his first film since Driving Miss Daisy, has adapted Cary’s novel, Mister Johnson.

Taking place in British-colonial Nigeria, Mister Johnson is the story of the intertwined relationship between a young Nigerian clerk (Maynard Eziashi) and Harry Rudbeck (Pierce Brosnan), the British district administrator he works for. When a bookkeeping error is discovered, Johnson takes the rap for Rudbeck and is dismissed. Years later, when the men reunite to build a road, history repeats itself with tragic consequences. The cast includes Edward Woodward, who plays Sargy Gollup, a drunken Brit who sometimes beats his African servants “for their own good.”


Bruce Beresford


Joyce Cary, William Boyd

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