Mystic Maya, Journey of Initiation

903 Early St, Santa Fe, NM. 87501

Thursday, April 25th, 3:00 PM

“Mystic Maya: Journey of Initiation,” is a cinematic masterwork that unveils the ancient wisdom of the Maya. Prepare to be captivated, challenged, and forever changed by this extraordinary exploration of esoteric knowledge.

Step into a hidden realm beyond the pyramids as this captivating documentary unravels the truth about these enigmatic structures, intertwining the sacred initiation rites of the Maya, Egypt, and modern Western Esoteric Mystery schools. Prepare for a mesmerizing journey that challenges your perception of history and illuminates profound connections between diverse esoteric traditions.

“Mystic Maya” unlocks the secrets of pyramids, revealing their purpose as catalysts for personal transformation and global change. Featuring intimate interviews with Mayan lineage holders, esteemed Western Esoteric authors, and renowned experts, “Mystic Maya” reveals the once-veiled knowledge and illuminates the hidden dimensions of world history.

Experience a transcendent journey that awakens curiosity and invites you to embark on your own path of initiation.

Douglas Beechwood is a filmmaker with extensive experience in Commercial/Documentary and Live event production. He studied Fine Art and Photography at the University of Colorado and has immersed himself in the study of world religions for over three decades.

Notably, Douglas served as Editor for “Yangsi: Reincarnation is Just the Beginning,” a documentary following the life of renowned Buddhist Lama Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche for close to twenty years, from his coronation at age three to his graduation as an empowered Tibetan teacher. Additionally, he served as Production Manager, TD, and finish editor for all three seasons of the New Mexico PBS series entitled “Ageless Living.”

Douglas worked for twelve years as the Technical Director and Production Manager for the prestigious Festival of Faiths in Louisville, KY, which brings together faith leaders from diverse backgrounds from Native America, Judaism, Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism for a multi-day theatrical livestream conference. His efforts helped grow the Festival of Faiths from a small local event into a world-renowned happening that continues to engage the viewership of many millions.

His spiritual journey embraces practices in Christianity, Native American beliefs, Western Esoteric Mystery Schools, and the profound teachings of Dzogchen Buddhism. Douglas further works as the media coordinator for the worldwide outreach of Tsoknyi Rinpoche’s humanitarian activities through the Pundarika Foundation USA, which involves producing Buddhist retreats and secular mindfulness programs, as well as the support of Buddhist schools and nunneries in Nepal and Tibet.

With his diverse roles in filmmaking, interfaith engagement, and event management, Douglas strives to make a significant impact in the realms of spirituality, culture, and the arts. He is dedicated to bridging gaps and fostering connections among individuals from various faith backgrounds, and promoting harmony and unity in a diverse world with independent projects and documentaries that tell essential stories about life and spiritual existence.

Director Statement

I hold immense hope for Mystic Maya as it carries the invaluable mission of transmitting rare esoteric insights to future generations.

Three out of the four initiates and elders who compose the body of this film have crossed over since filming which makes Mystic Maya an incomparable resource to maintain the transmission of their sacred oral traditions and wisdom.

It is my heartfelt desire to share this profound wisdom with you. Join this transformative journey, and let the secrets of the past enlighten our present.

Mystic Maya was mastered using 100% sacred Solar energy at 8200′ elevation in Crestone, CO, USA.


Douglas Kip Beechwood


Douglas Kip Beechwood


Douglas Kip Beechwood


Hunbatz Men, John L McCollum, David Leonard, Aum Rak Sappar

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