Portrait of the Family as a Definition

This video was inspired by Kerrin McCadden’s poem “Portrait of the Family as a Definition” as read by McCadden for the video. The video translates the brief and lyrical exchanges between loss, family, addiction, trauma, and that which otherwise haunts.

Director Biography – Adriane Little

Adriane Little is a lens-based conceptual artist and educator based in Kalamazoo, Michigan. By both jury and invitation, her work has received national and international recognition in film festivals, solo and group exhibitions. Her artwork has been included in over 100 exhibitions in 57 different venues in 52 international cities and in 91 different venues in 72 U.S. cities, including 9 in New York City. Adriane Little’s studio practice is supported by research at the intersection of trauma, ritual and an absence of the maternal body. The translation of this space is embedded within what she calls the matrilineal ghost.

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Adriane Little

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