Red Bean Soup

The 2020 Wasserman Award recipient Red Bean Soup, shares the struggle of a wife grappling to reconnect with her dementia ridden husband who can only remember his first love.

Director Biography – Kadi Tsang


Kadi Tsang is an NYU Tisch graduate and a co-founder of Art Avenue. She is the first prize winner for the Undergraduate King & Wasserman Awards and the recipient of Carl Lerner Award for Social Significance at First Run Film Festival. She is a trilingual artist with interests in both Arts and Sciences, global development, and conflicts of human nature. Kadi has worked on various types of live and motion picture productions and has experience working in different departments. Being open-minded and taking the initiative on each of her projects, she devotes herself to creating an inspirational world that facilitates cultural exchange.

Director Statement

I have always been interested in how we connect with one another, especially with the ones that we are exceptionally close with. These connections are often formed by a ground of habitual behaviors and actions that seems rather meaningless or simply sacrificial. The purpose that made us be willing to make such selfless moves and stay in this repeating cycle for another individual has always been surprising. The hunger for connection and, yet, constant rejection intrigues me.

Due to an accident a few years ago, I had a mild concussion and a temporary memory loss. For a couple of hours, I have forgotten my partner, my friends, and also where I was, the state of confusion and fear strikes me. The experience reminded me of those who suffered from dementia and made me question what relationships actually are. The thought lingers and sparks the script idea.

Red Bean Soup is my Cantonese thesis film that hopes to drill into the art of connection. It is a simple story, in a simple setting and with two first-time actors looking into a basic matter.


Kadi Tsang


Kadi Tsang


Branton Choi, Brenden Hubbard

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