Community in Conflict: The Santa Fe Internment Camp Marker

418 Montezuma Ave, Santa Fe, NM. 87501

Thursday, April 25th, 8:00 PM

Feelings of neglect and resentment boil over when a committee of historians, community leaders and Japanese Americans work to install a marker acknowledging the existence of a WWII era Internment Camp in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Claudia Takeko Katayanagi is San Francisco native, a UC Berkeley alumna who has lived for 5 years in Europe, and then 5 years in New York before returning to San Francisco. She has been a film maker for many years. While working in the film business as a location sound mixer on features, documentaries, commercials and industrial films, she has learned from many amazing directors on the set.

Her first feature documentary, “A Bitter Legacy”, has won numerous awards, including 3 “Best Feature Documentary”, and several Highly Commended Awards during her film festival run for that film. She has a distributor for this film, Gravitas Ventures as so this film is available on multiple streaming platforms. See:

She has directed several short films, including tributes to many community leaders, traveling to India to direct a film about teaching Judo to young Indian girls and women in order to protect themselves from abuse and rapists,

and many interviews for the National Japanese American Historical Society of people and their experience in the American concentration camps during and after WWII. She has directed many interviews of former Military Intelligence Service members for the Building 640 Museum of the Military Intelligence Service across from Chrissy Field in San Francisco. PBS Newshour used some of her footage for a piece on the various ethnicities coming out in support of the Black Lives Matter marches. Some of these video can be seen on Claudia’s YouTube site.

In 2022 Claudia directed 3 short videos for Detention Watch Network, working with Tsuru for Solidarity in which a survivor of the WWII concentration camps had a conversation with a person who recently came out of an immigration detention camp. They can be seen here:

After finishing her documentary about the Monument for the Santa Fe Internment Camp and the controversy that ensued, “Community in Conflict”, she has returned to finishing her longer form documentary about the WWII alien detention camps run by the U.S. military and the Department of Justice. This film is entitled “Exiled”.
She continues her activism work with Tsuru for Solidarity as well.


Claudia Takeko Katayanagi


Claudia Takeko Katayanagi


Claudia Takeko Katayanagi, Claudia Takeko Katayanagi, Nikki Nojima Louis, Danny Mitsuo Firpo, Matthew Kazuo Firpo


Tom Chavez "Historian" Colonel Joe Ando "Co-Chair of Marker Committee" Larry Delgado "Mayor of Santa Fe" Patty Bushee "Santa Fe Council Member"

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