Shorts Program: Ghosts and False Prophets

463 Paseo De Peralta, Santa Fe, NM 87501

Sunday, February 19th from 4:15 pm-6:15 pm


A Ghost Story

(Dir. Melissa Bruning) (17 mins.) (USA)

A World War II veteran (Ed Begley Jr.) on his deathbed tells a hospice therapist about decades-long visitations from an old friend with whom he served.



(Dir. B Welby) (22 mins.) (U.K.)

An avid believer in a self-help community invites his recently bereaved friend to a healing weekend to help deal with grief, only to realize he might be the one who needs help.


Rose Tint

(Dir. Aris Federman) (9 mins.) (USA)

Waking up after his untimely death, Loflin finds himself as a ghostly spectator in his own life.



(Dir. Eitan Pitigliani) (19 mins.) (Italy)

After his mother’s death, Luca living on the streets decides to go back home for his father’s birthday where something magical happens.



(Dirs. Joanna Koss, Drake Shannon) (19 mins.) (USA)

A courageous young girl exposes and brings to justice a religion-based con scheme.


In Wake

(Dir. Andrew Crawford) (10 mins.) (USA)

Lucas learns to deal with the tragedies of life, while restoring a motorcycle with his brother.





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