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A Pastor and his wife decide to try dating other men as a way of dealing with the fact that he is gay and despite the fact that they’re still married.

Director Biography – Kevin McCloskey

Kevin McCloskey has been a writer and an actor for over 18 years. He has written dozens of short films, stage plays and TV/feature spec scripts. He is the screenwriter for two produced Web series and has an optioned screenplay that earned placement in numerous competitions including Austin Film Festival and Scriptapalooza.

Kevin earned a degree in film from UC San Diego and has received training and mentorship from Act One of Hollywood and Gotham Writer’s Workshop of New York City. As an actor, Kevin has been in numerous short films, features, commercials and regional theatrical productions.

Kevin wrote films Marked (2007), Most High (2012), Luke 8 (2015), and most recently Show Me Yours (2019) which highlighted Kevin’s directorial debut.

Kevin stays busy as father of three wonderful children, an Associate Director of Youth Services at the Los Angeles LGBT Center and is Director of Family Ministries at Hollywood United Methodist Church. He and his husband Tony are active with charitable organizations, friends and family.

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Director Statement

I have been asked by dozens of people over the years: “When are you going to write a screenplay based on your life?” The answer is now. SHOW ME YOURS is a pilot/short film that I have written and directed and can’t wait to share with the world. It is inspired by my journey as a married pastor who discovers he is gay. Although the story is fiction, it is inspired by my experiences and the experiences of those who went on this journey with me.

SHOW ME YOURS is a dark comedy that follows a married couple, James and Elise, as they navigate James’ coming out, while trying to keep the family together and the church from finding out. James and Elise are each on a first date – both with men, and both trying to see if this crazy idea of staying married and starting to date can work. Can they keep this secret from their kids and the church? How does a man preaching love and truth deceive his congregation to start sleeping with men? As James begins exploring the gay world, what worlds will Elise begin exploring and will it help or hurt their marriage?


Kevin McCloskey


Kevin McCloskey


Trent Nakamura, Jey McKinley

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