Sludge: a PFAS Uprising

418 Montezuma Ave, Santa Fe, NM. 87501

Saturday, April 27th, 12:30 PM

Doing the right thing – cost them everything. “Sludge” tells the stories of farmers who are speaking up about “forever chemicals” poisoning their land, water, and livestock, only to lose everything in the process. Who’s to blame? And what’s being done now to ensure our land and water is safe for future generations?

Since co-founding Side Road Media in 2016, Jeff has directed numerous commercials, branded documentaries, and episodic web series. Jeff’s dedication to creative storytelling guided his 20-year television career from his hometown in Ames, Iowa to LA, New York, Paris, and beyond. His work as a cinematographer gave him the opportunity to produce stories at The White House, three Olympic Games and at the forefront of high profile news events around the world. As a staff photographer at NBC News in New York City, his work was showcased on NBC Nightly News, The Today Show, MSNBC and Dateline. Along the way, Jeff was honored with two national Edward R. Murrow Awards, 20 regional Emmy Awards and was runner-up to the National Press Photographers Association’s Photographer of the Year.

Director Statement

I’ve known a lot of farmers in my life, growing up in the center of the United States. They all have a certain quality to them; hard working, honest and almost reclusive at the notion of conflict. Most farmers enjoy putting their head down and focusing on the day ahead of them. But what we discovered in the past year in Maine has put that theory to test. From Fred Stone to Adam and Johanna, to a husband and wife at Misty Brook farms, I quickly learned all of these people had been forced to make some critical ethical decisions. Our story quickly had innate conflict and huge obstacles. “Sludge” is part mystery novel, part love story, and part horror film. It would come as no surprise that an audience wouldn’t care about sludge in a tangible sense, but an audience would care deeply about people impacted by this muck.


Jeffrey Christian


Kiera Howard, Amanda Christian, Jeffrey Christian, Michael Pagano,


Matthew Modine (Executive Producer), Adam Rackoff (Executive Producers), Adam Leipzig (Executive Producers), Tod Hardin (Executive Producers), Sabra Gertsch (Executive Producers), Michael Pagano (Editor), Michael Patti (Director of Photography), John Beatty (Director of Photography) Kevin Glantz (Visual Effects) Jeremy Hunt (Color)

Year Released:







   Wow! This documentary really is a must-see. Farmers are speaking up, but what is being done? 10/10 stars for: Direction, Writing, Cinematography, Production Value, Pacing, Structure, and Sound / Music.

Terry Mulcahy

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