Tales of A Faded West

418 Montezuma Ave, Santa Fe, NM. 87501

Friday, April 26th, 8:00 PM

463 PASEO DE PERALTA, Santa Fe NM, 87504

Sunday April 28th, 9:00 – 11:30 AM

The first installment of a post-apocalyptic western series that follows a group of survivors on a quest for clean water and a better life.


Brenden Wedner


Brenden Wedner, Cole Taylor Finney


Brenden Wedner


Cole Taylor Finney, Ama Zathura, Michelle Campbell, Kieth Jardine

Year Released:







Brenden Wedner's film cleverly blends the sci-fi genre with action, even mixing in elements of a
contemporary western. It follows two protagonists who offer multiple perspectives on what an
apocalyptic future desperately lacking water looks like. We are introduced to this world through
a lone woman at the start of the film. Living in the wild, she is shown to be respectful of the land,
embracing it and finding solace even through hardship. Meanwhile, the story shifts to follow a
soldier who has been forced away from his family. He finds himself in a violent world devoid of
humanity. Wedner excellently highlights the fracture of the natural world with vast shots of
nature compared to the more tight and almost claustrophobic shots when we follow the soldier's
storyline into the industrial plant at the end of the film. The action scenes throughout are exciting
and dynamic. Despite being action-packed, the film also goes out of its way to be more than just
violence by showcasing the importance of land conservation.

Shayna Freedman

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