Three friends on a trip to the desert are watched and followed. Appearing on a dark website called Terror Eyes, the group realize a threat is rooted very close to home.

Director Biography – Delaney Bishop

Delaney Bishop’s family moved to California when he was 3 in order for his father, a struggling director / editor, to attend USC.

Musical theater was a big part of high school for Delaney, and directing stage productions led him to NYU for film and television.

He graduated with a number of photo shoots under his belt and became a Surface Magazine Avant Guardian. As a photographer, Delaney has shot with Jessica Alba, Usher, Tom Ford, Guess Marciano, and with magazines including Flaunt and Oyster.

His commercials and promos have garnered over 12 Promax, Advertising Age, and Imagen awards. While working as lead on-air promos producer for Latino youth network ‘mun2’, he created over 75 spots, and his music videos include clips for artists Marilyn Manson, Cut Chemist, and Pete Yorn.

Bishop’s short films, including Pinata’s Revenge and Death of Salvador Dali (featuring Dita Von Teese) have played over 25 festivals and events worldwide and received over a dozen awards.

Delaney and wife Isabel Reyes recently formed Bishop TakesQueen, a production company and like-minded collective to make meaningful content. Clients include Skybound Media, NBC, Stage 13, Dublab, Saban, and Univison.

Repped by GoPop for music video and commercials & Incensed Media for literary management, he’s twice been a Sundance lab semi-finalist.


Director Statement

TERROR EYES directed by Delaney Bishop and produced by Felix Brenner and Isabel Reyes has components, we believe, that have never been seen in film before. The hidden camera-related twist and the digital masks are new ideas only possible with new technology, and have allowed us to tell a unique story.

We’re incredibly grateful to friends and colleagues who supported this film via kickstarter, helping us reach 130% of our finishing fund goal. These 220 backers, in addition to our families and crew, transformed a microbudget script into the wild ride it has become.

TERROR EYES is a story about actions having consequences. With networks of toxicity accessible to anyone online, delusion trumps civility. Stories on devices replace civil interaction. And attempting to mimic the actions of internet trolls in real life can result in tragedy.


Delaney Bishop


Delaney Bishop


Felix Brenner

Year Released:







Harassment. Home Invasion. Road Rage. Terrorism. Assault. Robbery. Explosions. Pranks. These are some actions that can get you on Terror Eye TV – a live event featuring young 20-something beautiful people in California. You audition to appear. You compete. Because it’s live, immediate feedback is given primarily in emoji form: hearts, kisses, thumbs up, spiders etc. The identity of the “perpetrator” is hidden by a digital mask – usually in the form of an animal with horns. It’s rapid-fire intrigue. Super-fast paced. Beautiful talented young actors whose names will be household – familiar in a few short years. The story centers around three friends that go to Palm Springs to continue a birthday celebration. Terror Eyes is part of the party – not known by all members all of the time.

The film was produced by Felix Brenner and Isabel Reyes. Delaney Bishop is the writer/director and this is his first feature film – which was successfully funded by 220 people through kickstarter reaching 130% of the finishing fund goal. He previously directed two successful short films that won numerous awards at major film festivals throughout the world.

Delaney Bishop attended NYU studying film and television. In addition he also works as a professional photographer and has produced many commercials, music videos and promos featuring A-list actors and musicians as well as having major mainstream media companies as clients.

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