The Monopol


Friday April 25th, 12:30 – 2:30 PM

Skopje, Macedonia, 1943.
Anna and her family are led to a concentration camp before being transported to Treblinka death camp. She faces the decision between immediate escape with her husband and daughter or risking everything and try and save the rest of her family.


Gal Genossar – a talented filmmaker with a passion for storytelling. From his early days as a film student, Gal has always strived to create meaningful and impactful films.

In 2012, Gal directed his first short film, Room 101, a suspense drama about the interrogation rooms of the Israeli General Security Service. The film received international recognition. In 2014, he pushed the boundaries of filmmaking even further with his experimental short film, The Garden Keeper. Blending animation and live-action, this film received worldwide acclaim.

Between 2014 and 2019, Gal directed series for one of the Israeli children’s channels, bringing his creativity to a whole new audience. At the same time, Gal continued to improve his skills, working as a cinematographer on various feature films, bringing the stories of other filmmakers to life on the screen.
In 2019 Gal was called to direct a full-length film set during the biblical period, created specifically for the religious sector in Israel. The film was a testament to Gal’s ability to connect with audiences of all backgrounds. In this film, all of the heroines were strong women who fought for their destiny, providing empowering perspective on a story that has been told countless times before.

In 2022 and 2023, Gal directed two films that demonstrated his growth as a filmmaker. “The Monopol” is a short film about the holocaust of the Macedonian Jews, a heartfelt tribute to those who suffered during one of the darkest periods in history.
House Arrest, Gal’s first full-length feature film,is a thought-provoking film about a man who must confront his past and his family after being accused of corruption. House Arrest explores themes of family, religion, and redemption.

Through his films, Gal has shown a deep understanding of the human experience and a dedication to creating stories that resonate with audiences.

Director Statement

In directing The Monopol, I delved into a narrative close to my heart, portraying the daunting choices faced by Anna in a Nazi concentration camp. This story, deeply personal and reflective of broader human experiences.
My approach to character development, especially Anna’s journey from vulnerability to resilience, was crafted to ensure viewers the feel of transformation.
The use of intimate cinematography, with wide lenses up close, was chosen to foster a connection, making the audience part of Anna and Elyo’s journey.
The warm browns and earthy tones in The Monopol evoke an era and emotional depth, subtly underscoring themes of hope and despair, connecting viewers deeply to the film’s narrative.
The soundtrack was carefully composed to enhance this emotional journey, leading to a climax that intertwines freedom with loss.
When I shot the film I never would have believed the film would be as relevant as it is today.


Gal Genossar


Nati Brooks


Amit Eran, Michael Katrih, Alex Osmolovsky, Gal Genossar, Nati Brooks


Eka Demetradze, Vladimer Novosardov, Dato Velijanashvili, Elene Mamuchelashvili, David Gigolashvili, Eyad FadilEditor Vigen Vartanov (Director Of Photography), Sopo Iosebidze (Costume Designer), Bogdana Grabovska (Line Producer), Salome Jugeli (1st AD), Mamuka Esadze (Art Director)

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