The Tragic Tale of Willis Wilde

Willis Wilde is on a nearly impossible mission to face a tragedy that happened in his past. With the help of his two best friends, maybe he’ll make it in time to finally confront the enemy in a classic western show down.

Director Biography – Lila B.

Lila’s interests in folklore, fables, and tales of horror kickstarted her story-telling days in early childhood. Her studies in design and architecture allowed her to learn composition, photography, and a creative production process.

In 2015, Lila found an opportunity to get more involved with content creation and started investing in her film career. She’s now an avid content creator and works as an editor, cinematographer, and vfx artist for commercials, music videos, and documentaries. Her directorial and writing debut occurred in the short film, The Tragic Tale of Willis Wilde .

She is a founding member of Canyon House Films, and works closely with Go Pop Films and Assorted Kinds. Lila is currently based in Los Angeles.

Director Statement

This story explores “a western approach to mental health”.
Meant to be a period piece, set in the 1960s, the treatment of mental health portrayed in this story is still relevant today. The decision to make this a western film is to introduce a different character dynamic into the genre that tends to portray masculinity with trigger-happy gunslingers. I feel introducing mental health as a signature theme in this genre can broaden the sense of the classic hero.


Lila B.


Lila B.


Lila B.

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