92-year-old Howard Henry chooses to stay busy and avoid aging by going to work every day.

Director Biography – Allonzo Armijo

I started pursuing this story in 2017, when I was very new to filmmaking and I had no clue how to even start to develop a story or make a film. I had seen some really great short documentaries on Vimeo and I knew I also had an interesting story to tell.

My neighbor, Mr. Henry, has always been interesting to me. He has a unique life that is not typical for someone his age and I wanted to express my interest and admiration for him. I started filming him around his house with my iPhone for reference, then I got some help from friends to follow him around and film his daily life: going to work, watering his plants, and counting coins, the same things he is doing today.

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Allonzo is a filmmaker based in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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Allonzo Armijo


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Allonzo Armijo, Alanna Armijo

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