Showtime: Dec 8th, 3:30 PM at the Center for Contemporary Arts, Santa Fe

Inspired by the director’s childhood, Wannabe is about neurotic Jewish boy who must win over his crush by impressing her skeptical Jamaican family. Set in 1990s New York City – a time of intense social and political strife – the film stars Malcolm-Jamal Warner (The Cosby Show, American Crime Story: People v. O.J. Simpson), David Bloom (Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp), Chaize Macklin, and Donis Leonard Jr. (House of Lies). It is based on a feature script of the same name.

Written & Directed By: Matthew Manson
Starring: Malcolm-Jamal Warner
Produced By: Toby Louie
Co-Produced By: John Ramos
Cinematography By: Catherine Goldschmidt
Editing By: Arielle Zakowski
Music by Lenny Soloman
and Fast Times At Trillmont High (Toussaint Morrison) / CC BY-NC-SA 3.0


Matthew Manson


Matthew Manson

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