We’re all Plastic People now

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Saturday, April 27th, 12:30 PM

Introduced by actor and environmentalist Ted Danson, “We’re All Plastic People Now” investigates the hidden story of plastic and its effects on human health. In an era of throw-away ease, convenience has cost us our well-being. Plastics have been found inside our bodies— in our colons, our brains, in developing embryos and even breast milk. Scientists around the country are sounding the alarm, but without public education and buy-in, there is little that can be done. “We’re All Plastic People Now” asks the question, how much evidence do we need before we decide to take action?

Rory Fielding, is an Emmy award-winning director and producer.

He recently produced the national PBS Documentary “Troubled Waters” featuring Ted Danson, focusing on the human impact facing our oceans and its sea creatures. “Troubled Waters” began PBS nationwide distribution June, 2020. It was nominated for five Emmys, winning two for Outstanding Photography and Best Director.

He directed ‘1955, Seven Days of Fall’ broadcast nationwide on PBS. ‘1955’ earned three major awards including New York Independent Film Festival Award for Best Documentary. It has become a baseball classic, now residing in the Hall of Fame, Cooperstown NY.

Fielding has created numerous short films including profiles on musical icons, George Harrison, Bob Dylan and Rolling Stones as well as emerging artists.

Fielding has just completed post-production on his newest film, “We’re All Plastic People Now” which explores the effects of plastic pollution not only on our oceans, but on human health – including cancer and fertility. “We’re All Plastic People Now” is scheduled for theatrical release 2023. Ted Danson reprises his role introducing this ground breaking documentary.

Rory began his broadcast career as an NBC affiliate news reporter and was twice honored by the Associated Press for Excellence in Broadcast Journalism. He is a graduate of New York University where he served as an Associate Professor of Film & Television and continues to guest lecture at major Universities.


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Rory Fielding's documentary will immediately captivate you as it reveals how plastic plays a
huge role in all our lives, all while Avril Lavigne's iconic song, "Complicated," plays in the
background. Jam-packed with information, the film features many important voices in activism,
truly highlighting the immense impact plastic has on all life on Earth. Dynamic and engaging, it
utilizes multiple visual mediums to showcase the issues at hand and hold the viewer's attention.
The story of Geraldine Mayho and her activism becomes the heart of the narrative, revealing
how plastic already poses a threat to many communities. Serving as a wake-up call for those in
denial of plastic's global impact, the documentary will leave you wanting to learn more.

Shayna Freedman

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