Whispering Goliath

Showtime: Dec 8th, 1:00 PM at the Center for Contemporary Arts, Santa Fe

A Live Action Short Art Film set to music that explores an Artist’s struggle for identity and self- worth.

Whispering Goliath is a Short film inspired by the live painting Say Something from the Solo Show Brushes with Fame by Writer and Director RuBen Permel. His powerful color washes explore an Artist who allows his work to be taken and show as their own. This beautifully shot composition flows with imagery, symbolism and music by Faure. Ryan an introvert painter knowingly trades his transforming cocoon canvases for a fantasy of companionship. Ryan played by Brien McCrea can hide behind the layers dripping hues but until he speaks his own truth he will never be heard. Whispering Goliath expresses “I am not what you see” and ask you to look beyond the splashes of color to see what is written in black and white.

The Creators of this film are all award winning in each their fields. They have come together on this project to evoke a vision by first time Film Director RuBen Permel.

You can take what is not given

I can hide within my hue,

But a whisper as load as a roar

is not heard until I am true.


Ruben Perme

Year Released:






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