You Can’t Have It Both Ways

‘You Can’t Have It Both Ways’ is a short, comedic and poignant musical film that navigates an uncomfortable conversation between a Latina woman and her white male counterpart on a first date. Upon realizing their political differences, the romance comes to a screeching halt, when the woman bursts into song to express her views on minorities and/or marginalized communities, LGBTQ+, and women’s rights. Through an energetic pop anthem she addresses her date’s blind spots and challenges his ‘Nice Guy’ persona, declaring “You Can’t Have It Both Ways!”

Director Biography – Morningstar Angeline

MorningStar Angeline is a queer Navajo, Chippewa Cree, Blackfoot, and Latinx New Mexico-based actress, director, producer, writer, and performer. In 2020, she was selected as a Vision Maker Media Short Film Fellow for her co-written and co-directed short Seeds and a Native American Feature Film Fellow for her script Rowdy by Nature. Morningstar is a 2018 Sundance Indigenous Lab Fellow for her short Yá’át’ééh Abiní and was honored by the New Mexico Film, and TV Hall of Fame the same year. Most recently, she was cast as Martha Hawk in Amazon’s series Outer Range, assisted director Zack Snyder on his 2021 film Army of the Dead, and is currently in pre-production for Seeds.


Morningstar Angeline


Jordyn Aurora Aquino


Jenn Garcia

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United States



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