Killing Memories

Four men who served together in Vietnam, return with their former commander to meet their enemies, confront their past and with the hope of exorcising the demons that still haunt them. The ‘old man’ leads his unit back to South East Asia out of deep gratitude, crediting them with having saved his life after his wife’s suicide.

Can the memories of killing and dying ever be forgotten? ‘Killing Memories’, is a story of five men who served together in Vietnam, returning to meet their enemies and confronting their past, trying to kill the memories still haunting them. A picture taken off a dead man carries his spirit back to his daughter. The killer becomes her spiritual father. Surviving a massacre marks a teenager for life. He connects with the dead and his guilt. A veteran honors a lost hero and feels at home in the land where his hero died. Killing with pride and pleasure a veteran discovers the enemy was human too. The ‘old man’ took them back because they saved his life after his wife’s suicide. – IMDB

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“‘Killing Memories’ begins like a movie script: A black screen with sounds of gunfire: Rifles. Machine guns. Running. Shouting. Chaos. The first images appear and a voice remembers: ‘That evening when I killed that first soldier I sat down to write my mom a letter and I just started bawling. I just couldn’t tell her about it.'” Read more…