SHORTS PROGRAM III (103 minutes)

Directed by Josh Tanner
Category: Drama | Australia 2010 | 10 minutes

Five-year old Chloe is taken to her Uncle and Aunt’s farm to live when her mother dies suddenly. Unable to comprehend the concept of death, she befriends the corpse of a recently deceased foal and adopts the responsibility of caring for it. Sneaking food, toys and other childish possessions to the foal, Chloe visits it everyday, in the hope of easing its pain of being abandoned by its mother. When Chloe’s Uncle discovers her secret he forces her to face the reality of her own situation.

Directed by Amar Chebib
Genre: Comedy/Drama | Canada/Syrian Arab Rep | 19 minutes

Upon being drafted for military service, Ahmad, a determined young Syrian poet, decides to flee the country. Consequently, he is forced up against a complex bureaucracy, conservative family, and reluctant lover. En route to Lebanon, he discovers himself in an unexpected place, an apricot orchard.

Directed by Torrance Maurer
Category: Drama, Thriller | USA 2011 | 14 minutes

Kids for Kidnapping is a young brother and sister’s journey into a dark and seedy adult world.

Directed by John Stead
Category: Historical/Thriller |Canada 2010 | 13 minutes

Anna moved into her dream home. She knew this was the one; but so did the mysterious presence lurking within its walls.

Directed by Kieran Dick
Category: Family | Canada 2010 | 4 minutes

Connections are sought between a German grandfather, an Irish father and a Canadian son through archival film and animation.

Directed by Ryan Scheer
Category: Drama, Thriller | USA 2011 | 9 minutes

Two lower class teenage boys decide to spend an afternoon of boredom lighting fireworks and running through the woods until they stumble upon an abandoned trailer home. Conflicted over their discovery, their decisions clash which leaves them face to face with death proving that some things are better left alone

Directed by Antonio Orena-Barlin
Category: Drama | Australia 2010 | 15 minutes

Joel has convinced a long time family friend to give his girlfriend a job as a florist. Everything seems fine when he picks his girlfriend up after her first day, but the calm facade of suburbia can be misleading

Directed by Sam Mandegaran
Category: Drama/Romance | USA 2011| 19 minutes

Play to Win is the story of Chris, a mathematician, who has a foolproof plan to beat the lottery. He convinces a former Mob honcho to invest in his plan. Concerned for his safety, his friend Hannah gets involved. Everything goes according to plan, until they hit a significant and dangerous snag.

Read SFFF Blogger Melissa J White’s review of SHORTS PROGRAM III.

“Each of the delicacies in the Santa Fe Film Festival’s SHORTS PROGRAM III explores the loss of our innocence around our spiritual and intellectual decay, delivering a banquet of emotions to indulge in. This program screens Sunday, October 23 at noon at the CCA.” Read more…

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