SHORTS PROGRAM IV (95 minutes)

Directed by Terrence Heuston
Category: Drama | USA 2001 | 24 minutes

Maddogginʼ is the story of two boys living on the streets of East L.A. Pedro is a charismatic, natural born salesman. His best friend, Ernesto, is a gifted artist who creates elaborate street art. When the local gang leader, A.K., asks them to join his “family,” the boys must choose between a life of violence inside the gang, or a life of poverty outside of it. The choices the boys make over a single day will alter their lives forever.

Directed by George Barbakadze

Category: | Australia/Georgia 2010 | 13 minutes

Russian planes start to bomb the Georgian town of Gori when a Russian woman has to travel inconspicuously on a minibus filled with Georgian evacuees. A single Russian word uttered by her or her young daughter could make them the enemy of everyone around. Will they pass unnoticed or will they be discovered?

Directed by Daniela Flynn
Category: Drama| USA 2011 | 9 minutes

TWO is a short film adapted from a monologue from the same titled stage play by Ron Elisha. What was once a young woman’s heartbreaking confession to her Rabbi is now a riveting confrontation between her shattered selves. At the close of WWII, this young woman–a former SS officer–confronts her heritage of lies.

Directed by Davern Wright
Category: Romantic Comedy | USA 2010 | 6 minutes

Peter has a date with Suzie, his dream girl — but he can’t get over the fact that whenever he looks in the mirror, he sees himself as a hideous monster. A certain pill can make the monster disappear, but Peter is terrified of the medication’s potentially crippling side effects. Obsessed with this dilemma, he forgets about his date completely, which causes Suzie (hurt by his insensitivity) to reject him outright. Left mired in the towering mess of his apartment with his eerie alter ego, what can Peter do to win Suzie back?

Directed by Jeremy Craig
Category: Drama | USA 2010 |  15 minutes

Set on the imperiled coast of Louisiana, Terrebonne is the meditative story of a brother and sister who encounter unexpected trouble when they venture deep into the swamp in search of the mythic ivory-billed woodpecker.

Directed by Ari Aster
Category: Comedy/Drama | USA 2010 | 28 minutes

The Johnsons are an attractive, well to do, upper-middle class family whose reputation could not be better among their friends and neighbors. But they hide an insidious secret, and Mr. Johnson has written an underground memoir which threatens to expose to a truly bizarre family dynamic.

Read SFFF Blogger Laura K. Marsh’s review of SHORTS PROGRAM IV:

“The thing about short films is they are super concentrated bolts of thought. (You thought I was gonna say that the thing about shorts is they’re short. Heh. That too.) This gathering of projects in SHORTS PROGRAM IV that plays Saturday, October 22, 3:15p.m. at the Screen is no different.” Read more…

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