Art Bastard

Showtime: Friday Dec 4th, 4:00 PM at the Center for Contemporary Arts Santa Fe

Q&A with artist, Robert Cenedella, director, Victor Kanefsky, & producer, Chris Concannon to follow screening.

In a madcap art world obsessed with money, fame and hype, how does an artist driven by justice, defiance and his own singular style thrive? Art Bastard is the rousing tale of Robert Cenedella, a rebel who never fit in and yet became one of its most provocative, rabble-rousing characters. Son of a blacklisted writer he was the Anti-Wahol of his time. His passionate convictions started so young they got him kicked out of high school.

A portrait of the artist as a young troublemaker, an alternate history of modern art, and a quintessential New York story, Art Bastard is as energetic, humorous and unapologetically honest as the uncompromising man at its center. Shown with short Sideshow of the Absurd.



Victor Kanefsky


Victor Kanefsky

Year Released:



United States


80 minutes

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