Sideshow of the Absurd

Showtime: Friday Dec 4th, 4:00 PM at the Center for Contemporary Arts Santa Fe

After the death of her husband, lifelong artist Pamela Joseph is left creatively frozen, searching for meaning and struggling to find her identity. Seven years later, an explosion of ideas culminates in a fantastical exhibition inspired by 20th-century freak shows.

Sideshow of the Absurd is a cinematic exploration of this work, where women are provocatively presented as multi-faceted curiosity: idolized mother/lover, vilified sexual predator/prey, and giver/recipient of pleasure and pain. With Joseph’s countenance, and her alter ego, Pussy Marshmallow, enigmatically woven into many of the pieces, Joseph celebrates these seemingly incongruous roles with irreverence and whimsy as an invitation to challenge convention, reflect on fate and chance in our lives, and ultimately, question our investment in identity. Shown with feature Art Bastard.


Jane C. Wagner, Tina DiFeliciantonio

Year Released:





14 minutes

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