Showtime: February 11th, 10:00 AM at the Jean Cocteau Cinema

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Axis (85 mins.) (Dir. Aisha Tyler)

On the morning he is set to star in a career-changing blockbuster film, an Irish actor trying to live down his rocky past confronts a series of devastating events that threaten his sobriety. In attendance: Dir. Aisha Tyler and actor/screenwriter Emmett Hughes.


“Axis” is a simple movie. An actor, Tristan Blake (Emmett Hughes), drives through Los Angeles as he prepares to start a large budget blockbuster fielding calls from his agent publicist, girlfriend, and family. As with the best simple things “Axis” is delicate. Only one actor is on screen the whole movie. All tension plays off his face and in the voices of the people he converses with. Deftly handled by the director, Aisha Tyler, the movie is like a egg-spoon race on a battlefield. At first all seems precarious, the fragile egg balanced on a spoon. It’s easy to think, is this it? Yes, this is it, just an actor in a car, an egg in a spoon, trying to go from one place to another. Then the bullets start to fly. You learn about the actor, the girlfriend he is trying to get to, the movie he is missing the first day of, and the sobriety he is holding onto. Everything builds and, a little surprisingly, we care. Smartly written, artfully paced, and well-acted, this movie surprised and impressed me from the beginning to well-earned brutal end.

-Edward Wilcox twitter handle @aggrotrashfire

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