Brothers By Choice

A look within young men and women in the military. At the Brazilian military academy, Cadets are on their way to become Officials. The film illustrates few characters followed to dissect their process of growing up. It is a coming of age story that focuses on brotherhood, how the Cadets learn that together they are stronger. Dramatic, sensitive, stunningly photographed, and full of action. A predominantly visual approach to documentary.

Director Biography – Gabriel Mattar

Gabriel Mattar is a visual artist and designer, became a film director for advertising brands and short documentaries. Founded Kombat Films and directs for brands like Canon, KIA, Suzuki and Jeep. His personal short documentaries are “All Sides” e “Battle at Presidente Vargas”, “The Missing Part” and “Dirty Hands Happy Heart”. In 2019 started shooting his first feature documentary called “Brothers By Choice


Gabriel Mattar


Gabriel Mattar


Gabriel Mattar, paulo jose ferreira alves, leonardo torloni carvalho




1 hour 50 minutes

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