The ex-Syrian refugee and a food deliverer, Yasser meets Eita, a solitary Japanese boy in the city park, and they grow a family-like bond as they play soccer and cook together after Yasser’s bike gets stolen.



Yuichiro Nakada was born in Tokyo raised in Chiba, After graduating from University of California at Santa Barbara as physics major, he studied astrophysics at Munich University Graduate School in Germany.

After dropping out from the graduate school, he worked for foreign manufacturing company, JAXA, and National Astronomical Observatory in Japan. He gradually stepped into the movie industries while taking a ghostwriting workshop held by Eiga 24ku. His directed short film, ‘Goodbye my son’ was selected as an official selection in more than 70 film festivals in the world.He constantly produces and directs independent films.

In 2019, he participated in Jidaigeki workshop in Kyoto filmmakers’ lab as a soundman in Shochiku team. During the filmmaking workshop, he collaborated with Shochiku production team and other selected members all over the world among 300 applicants.

In 2021, he has directed and produced the short film, ‘Gift’ and portrayed the family like bond between Syrian refugee and a solitary Japanese boy.

In 2022, he has been selected the student of international Film Business Academy in Busan Asian film school and he is going to learn producing skills with all the aspiring film producer candidates in Asia from March.

As a big fun of cat, he lives with two adorable cats that he rescued from his neighborhood.


Yuichiro Nakada


Yuichiro Nakada


Yuichiro Nakada


Yasser Jamal Alddin "Yasser", Eita Shimura "Eita Tanaka", Emiko Izawa "MIchie Tanaka"

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