The Power of Stone

903 Early St, Santa Fe, NM. 87501

Saturday April 27th, 12:30 – 2:30 PM

Lew French may first appear as unyielding and imposing as the granite he works with, but beneath this artist’s rigid exterior is a naturalist who has spent two decades building his dream home in the Brazilian rainforest, a father mourning the loss of his son, and a deeply spiritual man committed to the concept of karma. Despite waking up at 4am to meditate every day, Lew struggles to quiet his mind. In stone, Lew seeks that which he longs for: stillness.


Barbarella Fokos is a writer with multiple Excellence in Journalism Awards. David Fokos is an internationally renowned photographic artist.

Together, this creative couple comprises Salt & Sugar Productions and, as filmmakers, have been exploring what it is that compels artists to create. Their television show, Art Pulse TV, earned them an Emmy Award for Excellence in Arts and Entertainment Programming. In a bid to dive even deeper than the magazine-format allowed, Barbarella and David began making documentary films about artists whose work captured their attention. Three of these documentaries won awards for Best Documentary Short Film. The Power of Stone is their first feature-length documentary film.

Director Statement

It was our appreciation for Lew French’s stone work on Martha’s Vineyard that inspired us to learn more about this artist and his process. However, our initial vision for the film completely shifted when, after meeting him for the first time and having extensive conversations, we learned three key things:
1. Lew spent the past 20 years building his dream home in the Brazilian rainforest
2. Lew recently lost his son to a heroin overdose
3. Lew’s unique philosophy inspires some but alienates others.

Suddenly, what we’d envisioned as a straightforward feature of a stone artist morphed into a contemplative, emotional, and philosophical journey. The first minute of the film—during which Lew quietly faces off with a Lew-sized stone on a grass field—is intended to still the viewer’s mind as they transition from their world, and into Lew’s.



Barbarella Fokos, David Fokos


Barbarella Fokos, David Fokos

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