If I Was a Famous Artist

Showtime: Feb 11th, 11:00 AM at the Center for Contemporary

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If I Was a Famous Artist (90 mins.) (Dir. Rich Rickaby)

Rich Rickaby, artist and underground filmmaker while reading about Van Gogh in Amsterdam thought to himself, “Well, if I was a famous artist you’d know these things about me.” So who decides and who knows when someone will become famous?  Rickaby has been making films for over 30 years, in part with his downtown New York tribe called the Glitterati of the Stainless Steel Empire with content that would make John Waters proud.  Incorporating performance art and underground filmmaking with titles like Auntie Mayhem and a frame by frame remake of Airport ’75, Rickaby makes us both question and appreciate the work that artists do, not with fame or fortune, but with the sheer pleasure of creating. In person: Rich Rickaby.

Shown with:

Expiration Date (Dir. Shunya Chang Shwenn) (5 mins.)

Shot in a short, poetic motion graphics video integrating 2D and 3D styles, this poetic story is about searching for an unexpired romance.

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