International Shorts Program

Showtime: Feb 8th, 8:15 PM 

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Locked Outside (Dir. Ross Richardson) (8 mins.) (France)

Two female skateboarders look for freedom and escape from the trappings of their Parisian life.

The Midwife (Dir. Ezgi Ay) (12 mins.) (Turkey)

A young midwife is assigned to work in an Anatolian village and attempts to get accepted into the female community.

Sowol Road (25 mins.) (Dir. Jong-Hun Shin) (Korea)

In order to bring home the bread, Jum-soon works at a restaurant during the day and sells her body on Sowol Road at night. When she saves Eun-ji, a young individual working on the other side of the road, from a dangerous situation, the two share their stories.

Razor (15 mins.) (Dir. James Jenkins) (Canada)

Set in rural New England after the Second Great Awakening, a young girl invokes an animistic spirit in a devoutly Christian community.

Yochi (25 mins.) (Dir. Illana Lapid) (Belize)

Yochi, a 9-year-old selectively mute Mayan boy, guards a nest of endangered Yellow-Headed Parrots in Belize’s pine savannah. When his beloved older brother, Itza, returns from the city, Yochi learns that he’s in debt and has turned to poaching – setting the brothers on a collision course.

QED (17 mins.) (Dir. Amy-Joyce Hastings) (Ireland)

A couple dealing with the aftermath of a terrible accident explore what we will and won’t sacrifice for the person we love. In attendance: Director Amy-Joyce Hastings an Executive Producer Graham Cantwell.

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