Is That You, Joe?

After a closet monster attempts to scare an old lady, the tables turn quickly once the old lady thinks the monster is her dead husband.

Director Biography – Dustin Romero

Dustin Romero grew up in sunny South Florida and has loved movies and drawing for as long as he can remember. When he graduated from the University of Miami, he moved all the way to Los Angeles and worked on a lot of reality TV shows, but felt that something was missing. So, one day, he got up the nerve to apply to the UCLA Animation Workshop and got in! Since then, he has made two animated shorts and is currently working on his thesis film. He love, love, LOVES animation, and wants to be a visual development artist and character designer for feature films.


Director Statement

Hello! Thank you for considering my short film, Is That You, Joe?. It was inspired by my love of 90’s Saturday morning cartoons and our elderly seniors. I truly hope you enjoy it!


Dustin Romero


Dustin Romero


Dustin Romero

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