YowLife Animations

Lightningwood Pictures 2350 Fox Road Suite #200, Santa Fe New Mexico, 87505


Sunday, February 17that 12:30 PM

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Pop It (Anamanaguchi) – Girl Scout Demon Slayers – Runtime 2:27
A cute and bubbly animated music video staring characters from Kryssen’s “Girl Scout Demon Slayers” (Fan animated music video)

Undertale Asriel Boss Battle – Runtime 4:00

Asriel has absorbed all of Frisk’s friends! Will she be able to save them from the hands of evil? Or will her determination run out at the hands of the newly reformed Asriel? Find out in this animated remastering of Undertale!
Gamerz – Runtime 8:04
A boy goes to the mall to buy some new video games. Lucky for him he meets a guy who likes all the same video games he does. Just as quickly as they become friends, he finds out this person is not what they seem to be.
YowLife Jumper – Runtime 1:40
All your favorite YowLife characters together for one great song!
Lora Vicious – Runtime 10:45
Meet Lora Vicious, the kind and friendly daughter of the vicious vampire Vlad Vicious. This Halloween, he asks Lora to fetch him some milk from the store. Come see how this ordinary milk run turns into a sprint for her life! Why can’t things be normal for once? -Then again, what is normal in this monster filled neighborhood of creepy wonder?
Lora’s Christmas Letter – Runtime 4:24
Lora Vicious thought she could write a private letter to her favorite jolly red Christmas icon, -Santa Claus. Unfortunately, she has some friends that really want to know what she’s writing about.
Drawing Notes All Chapters – Runtime 17:20
A boy captures a friend with some lovely handwritten notes. As their friendship grows with every message, something more develops inside the girl’s heart. They’ll both have to decide what to write on the final note before the school year ends. -The passing of notes between 2 students has never been this enticing.
My Spooky Boo – Runtime 2:09
-Some suggestive content in this animation, nothing explicit.
As the light of the Dark Moon falls upon a haunted and derelict mansion, we see one devilish ghost is up to some mischievous evil-doings.  Just what does this ghoulishly royal fiend plan to do with this new Super Crown?
YowLife QnA Gamerz – Runtime 12:40
-Some suggestive content in this animation, nothing explicit.
From their favorite video games, to how Matt felt after grabbing Julie’s chest. Matt and Julie answer the fan’s most burning questions.
YowLife Productions presents the first YowLife QnA, with your lovely hostess -Miss Serenity Patterson.
Total Runtime = 1:01:11

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