l’Odge d’Oor or all things with eyes must sleep

A necklace of vignettes commenting on religion, society, humanity, and sex, stretching from the Garden of Eden to the present: this feature searches for the meaning of our existence through the subconscious. A ‘traditionally Surrealistic’ tale, a modern juxtaposition of the absurd, the insignificant, the existential, and the profound. Could the reason life exists is because procreation feels so good?

Director Biography – Preston Miller

Preston Miller – A filmmaker originally from N.C. Languid producer, writer, director and editor of original media that draws inspiration from the sub-conscious and lapiplasty. Toastmaster General at Vindaloo Philm-Wallah for over a fortnight. No family history of ‘female hysteria.’

This guy’s first feature-length film titled “JONES” was praised by the likes of Amy Taubin in FILM COMMENT. Shot in approximate real-time over one hour and a quarter, “JONES” enjoyed a successful run at the now-defunct PIONEER THEATER in NYC, 2007.

Inspired by the ‘God Saves the Earth Flying Saucer Foundation,’ his next feature “GOD’s LAND” (2011) showcases a religious group who travel from Taiwan to Texas to find Jesus on TV and the end of the world.

Over the last quarter-century, he has rationalized the existence of a number of short films and videos, which have screened in New York, Berlin, Buffalo and Kolkata, India.


Preston Miller


Preston Miller


Preston Miller


United States


1 hour 35 minutes

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