Nkosi Eclipsed

An early childhood practice gave a formerly incarcerated man the opportunity to offer yoga classes to his fellow inmates. As a returning citizen, he’s confronted with new personal and professional challenges.

Director Biography – Candice Delevante

Candice is a writer and producer based in Brooklyn, NY. Her narrative screenplays and non-fiction projects explore social, economic and environmental issues across genres and themes. Her projects have been showcased at festivals in the U.S., Mexico, Canada and Europe. In 2020, she took her stimulus check from the U.S. government and reunited with her high school cohort, Chad Strohmeyer, to produce their first project in over 30 years titled “Nkosi Eclipsed.”


Candice Delevante




Candice Delevante


United States


9 minutes 41 seconds

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