Part of a Balanced Breakfast

Young chap Sam has had enough of bullying and his negligent mother; After drinking hallucinogenic strawberry milk, a mythical Pukwudgie leads Sam into a rebellion against those around him through a bit of healthy vandalism and chaos.

Written and directed by Jordan Herron
Produced by MadHerron LLC.

Director Biography – Jordan Rae Herron

Jordan Rae Herron is a mixed-race (Chicana/Apache/Hispanic/Latinx) Film Director, Writer, Cinematographer, Cartoonist, and proud Burqueña. A Graduate MFA Film Directing student at CalArts with her BS in English (creative writing) and a BA in Interdisciplinary Film and Digital Media (production) from the University of New Mexico ’19. Working as a Digital Utility/2nd AC in the IATSE Local 600 Western Region. Co-founder of Cucuy Productions LLC.


Jordan Rae Herron


Jordan Rae Herron


Jordan Rae Herron


United States


12 minutes 26 seconds

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