Showtime: February 8th, 5:15 PM at the Screen

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Dance Shorts Programs

ID #3: Dancer (Dir. Emi On) (3 mins.)

Even after she establishes the first school of Burlesque in Slovakia and becoming an idol for women, this dancer has to find confidence each time she gets onto a stage.

EPIPHANY V (7 mins.) (Dir. Kevin Newbury)

An operatic story of a young man trying to save his mother from Death’s embrace using dance and music.

Magic Tap Clogreres (8 mins.) (Dir. Paul Brenno)

Four women in Minot make music with their feet.

Goodbye, Brooklyn (9 mins.) (Dir. Daniel Jaffe)

Struggling with New York living, Dana Schapiro decides to move, saying goodbye to a neighborhood that can barely remember who she is.

Wheel of Life (15 mins.) (Dirs. Marcia Jarmel and Ken Schneider)

Meet El Oso, still dancing at 70 his charisma and fancy footwork broke new ground for Cuba’s black dancers after the revolution, and helped launch the salsa craze felt worldwide today.

Night Dancing (6 mins.) (Dir. Barney Cokeliss)

Every night, Bob sees a beautiful young woman dancing outside his window. But is she real?  A meditation on obsession, delusion, and longing.  Shown at the Toronto International Film Festival.

A Night in Tokoriki (18 mins.) (Dir. Roxana Stroe)

In an improvised nightclub, the whole village celebrates Gianina’s 18th birthday. But her boyfriend will give her the most surprising gift of the night. Shown at the prestigious Berlinale.

BaseBallet (28 mins.) (Dir. Ben Needham-Wood)

With the combined talents of Emmy Award-winning choreographers, dancers, and broadcasters, this showcase highlights the athleticism of dance combined with baseball with original music as six dancers transform the home of the San Francisco Giants into a spectacular stage.

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