An older man, faced with a difficult diagnosis, chooses to deal with the news in his own way.

Director Biography – Al J. Moran

Al J. Moran

Al is a screenwriter and filmmaker based in Toronto. As long as he can remember, Al always wanted to be a writer. He started out writing advertising at various agencies in Toronto and San Francisco. As time went on, Al had modest success in advertising, but his goal of becoming a screenwriter kept moving farther away. His first job had grown into a 20 year career. It was looking like, for the first time in his life, Al might actually finish what he started. Moran couldn’t allow that to happen. He left advertising (or he was asked to leave, it’s not clear) and went back to school to become a screenwriter. He now enjoys writing stories that are longer than 30 seconds. And happily, he’s just getting started.

Al is the proud dad of Molly and Emmett. Walks is his first short film.


Al J. Moran


Al J. Moran


Al J. Moran




11 minutes 49 seconds

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