Wild Horses and Renegades


A beautifully photographed and passionately expressed chronicle of the plight of the American wild horse, risking extinction by the practices of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and increased control of public lands by the extractive industries of coal, gas, oil and uranium. Celebrity activists including Sheryl Crowe, Governor Bill Richardson, Willie Nelson and Viggo Mortensen lend their voices in support of legislation and legal action to protect this iconic American treasure.


Disappointment Valley examines the plight of America’s wild horses and the rapidly deteriorating condition of our wild Public Lands. The film follows the majestic Band Stallion, Traveler and his family who dwell in Disappointment Valley, Colorado. When the Bureau of Land Management conducts a massive wild horse roundup, Traveler and his family are torn apart. They are sent to Wild Horse prison in a brutal removal of two-thirds of their wild horse herd. The film tracks wild horse advocates as they work to return Traveler to his homeland. They have to do this before he is shipped to BLM Long Term Holding where he may face Euthanasia or worse, being shipped to Mexico for brutal slaughter. –James Anaquad Kleinert

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“When the average American thinks of a symbol of freedom, they might not think of a wild horse, mane flying, galloping across a wide open plain. However, that iconic symbol is in danger of being forever lost to storytelling legend.” Read more…


James Anaquad Kleinert

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95 minutes

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