Zilla and Zoe

Showtime: Feb 9th, 8:15 PM at the Center for Contemporary Arts

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Zilla and Zoe (Dir. Jessica Scalise) (104 mins.)

Zoe, age 10, is obsessed with making horror films. A deadline for a big horror contest is coming up, and Zoe is determined to win. But when her father, concerned about her increasingly gory activities, orders her to stop making horror films and shoot her sister’s wedding week instead. To win the contest of her dreams, Zoe will have to turn her sister’s wedding into a horror film.  The screenplay was a quarterfinalist in Francis Ford Coppola’s Zoetrope Screenwriting Contest, one of the top screenwriting contests in the world.

Shown with:

Dylan (12 mins.) (Dir. Cory Miller)

When Martiza comes home to find her boyfriend’s college buddy visiting, she slowly begins to suspect that something is a bit…off. In person: Writer/actor Rob Belushi.


Review by Casey St. Charnez

dir, scr, pro, ed: Jessica Scalise

Ten-year-old horror fanatic Zoe shoots her own short films. She blows up her Barbies, decapitates her stuffed animals, mixes her own fake blood, and even shears a neighbor’s dog to fashion a werewolf costume, all for the sake of her art. Her dad warns her, “How does it reflect on me as your father if you show up at school covered in blood every day?” Then she unexpectedly lands a chance to enter a college-level movie competition. Simultaneously, her 21-year-old sister Zilla has come home from college to announce her engagement…to a woman. And her fiancee’s strait-laced parents are at the front door. Paths collide, then merge, when Pop resignedly accepts the status quo and convinces Zoe to videograph her sibling’s wedding. To Zoe, however, this is a chance to combine her gore-mania with her nuptial assignment. Gee, what could go wrong? Wry, gentle, and quirky-sweet, this FATHER OF THE BRIDE for a gender-fluid 21st-century turns serious when the actual social and suburban realities of planning a same-sex ceremony set in.

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