Native Cinema

One Word Sawalmem

“One Word Sawalmem is a film of great power and purpose. It explains the Indigenous understanding and knowledge of the interdependence amongst all life on this planet.” — Dr. Stephanie Pratt, Dakota and Anglo-American art historian and cultural consultant, Native…

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  A post-apocalyptic film about two indigenous men existing in the aftermath of colonial America. Totems represents a slice of the sub-conscience mind of the modern day indigenous man. After 528 years, The Id (Ben Dupris) and the Ego (Ajuawak…

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Bad River

Reachable only by bush plane, boat or ice road during the winter months, Kwethluk, AK is in many ways removed from modern society. The Central Yup’ik village’s indigenous population enjoys a strong connection to the land and one another rooted…

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