Scottish Rite Temple, 463 PASEO DE PERALTA, Santa Fe NM, 87504


Saturday, February 16that 3:00 PM

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Lately Thinkin (3:57)

Live Performance By: Babsy

Pushing The Envelope: 3x (3min) Series
Created and Directed By Brandyn Brady & Nicholas Thorpe

Project Dark Space: (1:00 min)
Directed By Aron Kalaii

Dream (4:35 mins)
Directed By: UniqueVisualsbyWilliams

Live Performed: SLB

Saint Singleton: (1:44 mins)
Directed: By Brandyn Brady

Psalms: (4:34 mins)
Directed By: Brandyn Brady
Performed By: Dre Z

The Great Story: (2:07)
Performed By: Kappa Kappa

Green Lantern (3:42 mins)
Directed By: Dan Babo

Tell Me Again: (34 seconds)
Directed By: Don Babo

Gravity (3:11 mins)
Directed By: Omar Nadir

Live Performance: Dremon

Mr. Happy P.I. (13:03)
Directed By: Nicholas Thorpe

Gene Grant Tribute (4:39 mins)

Then our all star “In The Bizz Panel”

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