Bending Lines: The Sculpture of Robert Wiggs

1050 Old Pecos Trail, Santa Fe, New Mexico, 87505
Showtime: Sunday, Feb 17th, 11:00 AM 

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Bending Lines: The Sculpture of Robert Wiggs (Dir. Peter DeHart) (81 mins.)

Obsessed with the repeating geometry of nature, a sculptor works in the space between art and science. Nearing the end of his life, sculptor Robert Wiggs looks back on a lifelong obsession with patterns. Never formally trained in mathematics, Wiggs studied mud cracks, bee hives, and tree bark to create a geometric system that rivals the work of academic mathematicians, a system which he expressed and explored in scores of sculptures. 

In person: Director Peter DeHart



Peter Dehart, Allison Bohl

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81 minutes

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