Dancing With Torah


Showtime: Feb 17th, 1:00 PM

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Dancing with Torah (Dir. Robert Curry) (53 mins.)

Zach, a twelve year old Jewish boy from Dallas TX decides to raise $2000 to bring a survivor Czech Torah Scroll from the Czech Memorial Trust in London to the Dallas Holocaust Museum. Using his black belt training he commits to breaking 36 boards in one day.  People in the community, inspired by his project, pledge a dollar for every board he breaks. Witness the birth of a Torah in an orthodox community as the last letters are inscribed, fulfilling a 9 month long effort by the scribe. Q&A to follow screening with director Robert Curry.


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The Color of Me (20 mins.) (Dir. Sreejith Nair)

An adopted African-American named Lewis Clark, falls in love with a young woman named Lisa Adams, who has an unusual condition. Every hour, her skin magically changes color and she turns into 5 different races. 

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53 minutes

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