In Times of Rain

Saturday, February 16th at 7:30 PM

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In Times of Rain (Dir. Itandehui Jansen) (87 mins.)

Soledad is a traditional healer and lives in an Indigenous village with her seven-year-old grandson Jose. Her daughter Adela left the village many years ago to work in Mexico City. Adela unexpectedly announces she is getting married and wants to take Jose with her to the city. Soledad tries to accept the unavoidable as she continues her daily routine, tending to the villagers who require her care. However, Soledad wonders if Adela is really ready to take care of the boy. Although Soledad and Jose don’t know what future awaits him in the city, they both understand what he could be losing. Dealing with migration from an Indigenous rural traditional village to the urban centers, the film invites the audience to reflect on the effects of this process of migration on identity and cultural continuity. Winner- best emerging feature at the Oaxaca FilmFest.

Shown with:

The Head and the Hand (23 mins.) (Dir. Marc Serpa Francoeur)

Set on a remote Portuguese island, The Head & The Hand is a meditative glimpse into the lives of two women with disabilities who spent decades living together and, despite the challenges they faced, found joy in their sisterhood and independence.


Itandehui Jansen

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87 minutes

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