Native Cinema

Scottish Rite Temple, 463 PASEO DE PERALTA, Santa Fe NM, 87504


Friday, February 15that 6:00 PM

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Nite Nite ( 3:41 mins.) (Dir. Tommie Vegas)
It’s 1985. A Seven year old Boy (Brady Bond – “CBS McGuyver”) believes a monster is living in his bedroom but nobody believes him. Especially his Babysitter (Chemehuevi/Yaqui actress Tommie Vegas – “Party Night”).

Prey (1:39 mins.) (Dir. Kyle Kauwika Harris)
A 19th Century Frontiersman, while hunting, encroaches on tribal burial ground and is pursued by a Cheyenne Brave in mourning.

Solder Boy (6:40 mins.) (Dir. Garu Robinson)
Kenny Scabbyrobe, Blackfeet founder of the Grammy-winning Black Lodge Singers, recounts how the world-famous song “Soldier Boy” came into being.

Can I Kill You (1:23 mins.) (Dir. Tommy Vegas)
Two Native women roommates trying to survive in a big city when something goes terribly wrong? When you find out your roommate is totally psycho.

Boy Who Cried Wolf (16:00  mins.) (Dir. Kody Dayish)
A Navajo Skinwalker horror film based on true stories. A young Navajo girl finds out the truth about her father and it’s not what she expected.

Hozho (2:31 mins.) (Dir. Tony Estrada)
While on her quest for what she thinks she wants, a young girl gains from a Navajo Vet the deeper understanding of what’s really important.

Tribe of Guardians (2:31 mins.) (Dir. DC Casillas)
Jade is the daughter of a shapeshifter who is hunted by Beast Warriors from a lost tribe. After her birth, her mother is killed during a vicious attack.

Los Americanos (8:00 mins.) (Dir. Kyle Kauwika Harris)
An immigrant mother and her son cross in to America for a chance at a better life.

Anasazin N Seek (7:00 mins.) (Dirs. Darrell Fong / Orland Skidmore)
Two old friends stumble onto an ancient artifact that changes their lives and attracts the attention of three beautiful space travelers preparing for intergalactic war.

Waabooz (1:00 min.) ( Dir. Molly Woree Katagiri)
Insecure and shy, Rabbit dreads dancing In the upcoming powwow and begins to draw Waabooz, A super hero that embodies his desired self.

Tell Me Again Grandfather (3:00 mins.) (Dir. Denny Shoopman)
In a not so distant future, the Earth’s water has been poisoned. The whole eco system has been destroyed. A small family has stayed together and are struggling to survive.

Our Last Chants (3:00 mins.) (Dir. Kody Dayish)
The cover song of “Above The Clouds” by Bear’s Den.

Fancy Dancer (1:10 mins.) (Dir. Jr. Mathews)
This contemporary love story highlights the Native American culture through the medium of dance. A young Native American man raised by Whites has a growing relationship with a young Native American woman, which opens his eyes and his heart to his true ancestry.

Running on Indian Time (16:00 mins.) (Dir. Jr. Mathews)
What if the “White Man” had lost? Running on Indian Time is the film is an adaptation of the play by the same name created for the American Indian Theater Company.

Searching for the Wright’s Stuff (3:00 mins.) (Wright’s Collection of Native Art)
Running the oldest continuously-operating business in Albuquerque is challenging. The partnerships formed and relationships built over the last eleven decades are what keeps Wright’s Indian Art going strong.

Shadow Walkers (1:32 mins.) ( Dir. Colete Hawkink)
A division of the United States Air Force decided to create a secret taskforce to investigate and explore documented sightings and events in the Pacific Northwest that have yet to be explained.

Spared (2:00 mins.) (Dir. Kody Dayish)
Two Navajo families learn they are connected through their everyday problems such as bullying and domestic violence.

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