New Mexico Docs: Shorts Program

Sunday, February 17th at 3:30 PM

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Through the Door: Movement and Meditation as Part of Healing  (Dir. Joanna Tucker)

(14 mins.)

Nine Women from Esperanza Shelter in Santa Fe, NM experience movement and meditation activities as part of their healing from domestic violence. The film shows their participation in the activities including walking a labyrinth and culminates in an informal showing at a local art gallery.

Empty Chair Documentary (23 mins.) (Dir. David Ortega)

How can coping mechanisms be used to grapple with the fear of losing a loved one?

RETURN: Reclaiming Native American Foodways for Health and Spirit.  (27 mins.) (Dir. Karen Cantor)

Troubled by unhealthy diets, New Mexican Puebloan Roxanne Swentzell encourages her community to eat pre-contact foods. Echoing her efforts, Native women across the continent are reclaiming traditional foodways. Together, these stories inspire indigenous Americans to develop healthy eating habits and reclaim their cultural identities.

New Mexico Rain: The Story of Bill & Bonnie Hearne (24 mins.) (Dir. Bunee Tomlinson)

Bill and Bonnie Hearne are a married couple, both challenged by blindness who carved out a special place in music for themselves. The film relives some of their early days playing and influencing music around Austin as well as their success in translating the Austin sound to New Mexico. Artists Lyle Lovett, Robert Earl Keene, Michael Martin Murphey, and Michael Hearne reflect on the contributions Bill and Bonnie made to their music.

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