Sci-Fi/Horror Shorts Program


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Sci-Fi/Horror Short Program (105 mins. total)

Sunday, February 17that 5:15 PM

It Followed Me Here (14 mins.) (Dir. Mathew Godbey)

Alone, desperate and terrified, Daniel H. Harmon is a down-on-his-luck businessman addicted to a deadly game he can’t win, as he attempts to escape his office, defeat the deadly forces and turn his life around.

Birthday Girl (17 mins. ) (Dir. Ray Leday)

Every year on her birthday, Amy wants to escape her past and leave the darkness behind her. Only this year, working as a waitress at a local gloomy diner, a mysterious man will make her face a terrible truth.

17 Minutes (20 mins.) (Dir. Roderick Gadaev)

In a futuristic research facility, Adam must decide between true freedom or the comfort of a controlling voice in his cell room, before his fate is sealed forever.

Coo Cooi (12 mins.) (Dir. Niko Sotolongo)

A migrant mother and her young son are hunted by a bogeyman that means to tear them apart.

Shift (14 mins.) (Dir. Johan Earl)

Years after an alien invasion, a handful of survivors finally discover how the force can be beaten and undertake a daring operation to reclaim Earth.

The Replacements (15 mins.) (Dir. Sean Miller)

On election night 2036, a janitor just watched his own clone become President. He feels cheated out of a life he might have lived and goes on a bender to seek justice. But having the same face as the most powerful man on the planet has unexpected consequences.

The World Over (17 mins.) (Dir. Heath Michaels)

When a reclusive mother-to-be discovers a door leading to a mirror image of her home, her husband goes snooping inside and never returns. Fearing the worst, she gathers her courage and goes in search of him, but instead finds her doppelganger on the other side.

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