Crab Bucket

Based on the phrase “if I can’t have it, neither can you”. A drug addict assures the collective demise, behaving like a crab trapped at the bottom of a bucket. The analogy in human behavior is claimed to be that…

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Adult Children Part II

An encounter with a lone stranger takes sister-group Lindy Vision on a fantastical journey. — “Adult Children Part II” is a companion piece to Lindy Vision’s 2019 EP, “Adult Children Part I”, and continues the band’s exploration of life as…

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Veteran Sam struggles to find a legitimate way to make ends meat. He finds himself doing what he knows best – Following orders. This time from the crime underworld. Plagued by post combat residuals, Sam falls apart as the world…

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The story of a painter that gives real life to everything he paints. This short movie was shot and edited in both El Paso, Texas and Santa Fe, NM. Director Biography – Arturo Anzures I was born in El Paso, Texas…


The Awakeover

A sleepover movie night turns sinister, as the contents of the scary movies become not-so-imaginary. Director – Stephen Burhoe Project Links  Website  Facebook  

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Claridad (Clarity)

When a woman leaves her husband at home while he showers, he is left at the mercy of a psychotic intruder. Director Biography – Lanre’ Obisesan Lanre Obisesan is an innovative film director and screenwriter who aspires to helm making influential,…

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Photo Op

A humorous cautionary tale about the perils of trusting a stranger with your phone. Written by Steve Young (Letterman, Simpsons) and directed by Dava Whisenant (Bathtubs Over Broadway), this unsettlingly funny short film was itself shot on an iPhone. Director…

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A reluctant debt collector for a funeral home must pay a visit to old friends in default. Director Biography – Andy Kastelic Andy Kastelic is a director, actor, and writer from Albuquerque, New Mexico. Following his theatre studies and film work…

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Overturned Bucket

Based on a True Story, the life of one woman, born during the New Mexico Territorial fight for land, is told as seen through her daughter’s eyes. The fortitude to keep going when life throws the worst it has to…

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Brief Survey

In this comedy short, written by Steve Young (Letterman, Simpsons) and directed by Dava Whisenant (Bathtubs Over Broadway), a good-hearted hiker finds himself overcome by nature’s majesty, only to be drawn into a cosmic nightmare. Director Biography – Dava Whisenant Dava…

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